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What Tandem Mill Features
Nov 12, 2016

Recently often hear customers refer to tandem mill, but understanding of this type of mill, there is not much, or no real understanding in the characteristics and definitions, specific features of this mill and what are its properties? Below with small series to learn about it!

So-called of longitudinal column type of mill, actual is according to tied pieces in rolling of direction Shang, according to order to for line of neatly arranged, such design zhihou, tied pieces in different of mill Shang up only can rolling a, but, because each Taiwan mill in drive of way Shang are is compared unique of, so each mill are has has completely different of rolling of speed, simple points said words, roll in speed Shang can according to rolling pieces of section reduced, or is because rolling pieces in length Shang increased and appeared increased of situation, These specific or to according to mill.

If it is compared with other types of rolling mills, tandem mill on the clearance time is shorter, and the production of effects is also very high, most notably requires the use of auxiliary equipment rarely, these are unique advantages of the tandem mill, and because of this they are more widely used.