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Specialist Of Rolling Dies And Molds
Sep 23, 2017

Specialist of Rolling Dies and Molds

Our mold factory has been found more than 10 years, which is special designing and manufacturing rolling die sets and molds for our customers, as well as drawing dies.

     We have our own steel pipe company, from hot rolling to cold rolling and cold drawing. We not only know machines of hot rolling and cold rolling, but also know technical process and process tools of pipe making. We have rich experience on designing and manufacturing rolling dies and molds.

    Our rolling dies and molds are widely used to make carbon steel pipes, copper pipes, brass pipes, titanium pipes, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipes, bearing pipes, oil pipes etc.

    Our Die sets cover all types of cold rolling machines.

    Our dies and molds have advantage of reasonable roll groove, durable.



 Welcome to choose SENBO machinery rolling dies and molds.