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Selected Based On Performance Cold Rolling Mill Structure
Nov 12, 2016

In our daily life, often using cold rolling mill equipment, while its use of cold rolling mill effects vary, can differ in structure and manufacturing of cold rolling mill, for use in different environments and on different occasions, choices when cold conditions are available for our reference?

Firstly, according to the difference in properties of cold rolling mill, for use in different sectors of their classification, can be divided into:

And cold rolling mill of different technological requirements:

In accordance with the different production requirements of cold rolling mill, we selected the device will almost certainly vary in requirements, such as the common processing, roughing and finishing three, which is related to the use of main and mill, in recent years, many enterprises are widely in use of the mill, and mill in the technical requirements are more stringent.

Second, in accordance with the characteristics of the production of cold rolling mill:

Cold rolling mill in use, often for different sheet metal machining and processing, processing tool that we use is, which also vary considerably, if the plate is massive you should use two rolls of cold rolling mill, and large plates you need to use four-high cold rolling mill, these decisions are needed depending on the usage.