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Pipe Market Potential Of The Present Prosperity
Nov 12, 2016

Compared to coal more of resource-based industries, the steel industry chain longer, yields lower amplitude than the coal industry. Pipe market, of course, backward, present thriving trend. "Excess excess associated with coal and raw materials, upstream and downstream connected, excess capacity are interrelated. "The coal industry, analysts said. However, yesterday's spot, or steel, and steel billet futures and trends, the trend of rising steel prices, "life" is not long, probably the week end. Less stable at the bottom of the market, commodity and raw material prices are still lower, let alone spot steel prices. Stocks can't move as much, liquidity is grim. 

In recent months, lower steel prices, steel space capital flows seems to be less pipe market in steel stocks continue declining, but welded pipe market is expected to have turned better possibilities.