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Mill Screw-loose What Are The Effects Of
Nov 12, 2016

In order to facilitate adjustments to the mill, and equipment are set in the upper and lower adjustment screws, but there was often a screw loose, if you cannot find this kind of case, accuracy will mill, as well as parts and causing serious damage, then what factors lead to mill screw loose? Whether we have an in-depth understanding of it?

When normal mill in rolling works, there is a reaction, and directly on the screw, lead screw loose; there is friction between the screw and nut, eventually leading to changes in the tightness of the screw; the last factor is the screw itself.

So regardless of is which species factors, its appeared of consequences are is same of, will directly of effect to mill of normal operation, and effect to rolling pieces of eventually precision, serious of words also will led to rolling pieces appeared deformation, wants to will this class situation put an end to, best of way is from roots grabbed, and take corresponding of measures, from essentially will mill loose of situation solution.