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Mill Development And Characteristics
Nov 12, 2016

Of metal rolling mill is used to complete the device, when did it occur? Is said to be the 14th century already have this equipment, with the advancement of the third industrial revolution, now prospects for development can be expected, it was continuous, automated, professional and production quality and low energy consumption a few directions for development, because this is the future of development goals.

In 1871, first started using mill, now has a different type. In fact, its principle is very simple on the surface, is through the rollers rolled thick plate rolled into a thin strip or billet (foil), hot-rolled iron and steel industry in China, such as cold-rolled, related auxiliary equipment even more: longitudinal cross-cutting machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, machine, tension leveler.

Mill variety, sorted by number of rolls and can be divided into: tyre, laught-style three-roller, plate punch and two high, three rollers, roller ball, four, five rollers and so on. You can choose different varieties, not only greatly enhance the production efficiency and reduced costs throughout the production, efficient implementation of energy-saving features.

In the mill, its the difference between work and backup roll driven roller transmission, lies mainly in the work rolls are motor driven. Is passive roller support roller, no motor, just supporting roller. Mill machinery manufacturing level and precision level in addition to outside, hydraulic and electric control is necessary.