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High Pressure Boiler Tube Smooth Without Fluctuations In The Market
Nov 12, 2016

High pressure boiler tube market dominated by smooth, wave is unlikely. This week the domestic ore market remains in the doldrums. Plus this week finished material decline gradually enlarged, resulting in steel iron ore purchasing price continue to drop. Continuity of necking Yin fell almost total loss of business confidence, because the goods do not fall, coupled with heavy losses, mineral processing enterprises to stop production on the sidelines. Along with falling temperatures in Northeast China, China also entered the period of hibernation, ore prices impact of further increases in demand for steel plant in Northeast China's foreign mining and mining markets cool. The port side, fewer ships to Hong Kong recently, stock has a tendency to fall further. , Steel mills in Western Liaoning province purchase prices have remained relatively stable in the Liaodong Peninsula, one is steel reserve in winter has been basically completed, mine a decrease in ship has little intention of mine. Other hand is within the ore purchasing price has been close to or below the cost price mine, any further reduction may result in some mines shut down directly. But out of high pressure boiler tube price decreases are also subject to a certain resistance, mines ahead of the holiday, shutdowns caused yields dropped significantly, expected late high pressure boiler tube market weak trend.