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Cold Rolling Mill Bearing Wear Failure Of Major Causes And Solutions
Nov 12, 2016

If the development momentum in recent years to do an analysis on cold rolling mill, we can easily see that its future development can be summarized in a few words, that is: high speed, heavy duty, rolling, secure, green and industry position continues to improve.

Development of cold rolling mill technology becomes more advanced, his range to be used and the environment are constantly expanding, in order to meet its normal durable job requirements, you need to increase requirements for rolling bearings. Because of cold rolling mill bearing is the primary cause of the bearing wear failure have not been useful and plenty of lubrication, it is necessary properly to conservation and protection of its bearings.

For cold-rolling machine, the roller bearing lubrication time to select the right material to work on. When selected, taking into account its stability, corrosion, and many other factors. For example thin oil lubrication function relatively stable, or as a preservative, but difficult to seal, lubricate surface of the formation of iron oxide easily penetrated the skin, water and other impurities. Grease lubrication is also good, but over time the grease inside the bearing oxide to form particles, and these particles block easily increase the wear of bearing, the bearing life span shortened.