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Alloy Steel Pipe Down Large
Nov 12, 2016

Alloy steel pipe prices weigh on the larger, most steel tube manufacturers have some inventory. South in mean coming October will gradually decline, another part of the factory plans to stock up, so go at cheap price also decreased. Recent serious foreign prices on the international market, export trade offers were declined.

Meanwhile, on October 27, the China iron and steel Association data, in January-September, the Association member enterprises to accumulated sales income of 1,992,087,000,000 yuan, and break even profit 25.206 billion yuan, up profit, losses fell 21.21%. Liang Jing, a researcher at the Institute of international finance, Bank of China, told the business daily Reporter: at a time when most of the slowdown in industrial profit growth or even decline, steel, coal industry profit growth is clear. As to capacity, continued cost reduction effect, product prices continue to rise, alloy, profits of industrial enterprises continued to improve in the coming months trend will not change.

As of recently, domestic steel pipe manufacturer distribution price is 2845 Yuan/ton (tax), over 12 days earlier to 0.31%. Market weakness in the market, although prior to the holidays, traders generally adjust not enthusiastic, but there are still some select fine tune shipping first. Holiday golden age already has in the past, manufacturers deal worries the majority, expects short steel tube manufacturers operate conservative pace.