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Working Principle Of Two - Roll Straightening Machine (Straightener)
May 03, 2017

Curved metal rod has different bending curvature, bending size and bending direction, two-roll straightening machine can eliminate the non-uniformity of curvature by repeating bending metal bars and make metal rods straight.

Two-roll straightening machine usually used to straight high yield strength and small bending metal bars and rods and achieve high straightness and good surface roughness.

Small deformation correction program is that the upper straightening roll can be adjusted and the reduction is the principle of adjustment: the metal into the roll through the bending and bending after the springback, its maximum original curvature should be completely eliminated, that is, the part can be straight.

  The pressure of the straightening roller: The pressure acting on the straightening roller at the time of straightening can be calculated using the bending moment required by the metal being straightened, and the metal is considered as a continuous beam subject to a large number of concentrated loads. The transmission power of two-roll straightening machine is related to torque and curvature.