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What Is Straightening Machine
Jun 18, 2017

Curved metal rods and pipes have different bending curvature, bending size and bending direction, straightening machine can eliminate the non-uniformity of curvature by repeating bending metal bars and tubes, make them straight.

Straightening machine also called straightener or leveler.

They are divided into vertical type and horizontal type straightening machine by the structure;

They are divided into 6-roll, 7-roll, 9-roll, 11-roll etc. straightener as per straightened precision;

     In according to straightening material, they are divided into steel pipe straightener machine, copper pipe and bar straightening machine, aluminum tube and rod straightening machine, square bar straightening machine, flat bar straightening machine etc.;

    They are designed into easy manual control type straightener, NC type straightener, and automatic straightening machine;

    Straightening materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, copper brass, alloy steel, aluminum alloy steel etc;

    Photos of straightening machines:

what is straightening machine.jpg

1. Steel pipe and tube straightening machine2. Metal bar straighteners
3. Profile bar straightening machine4. Horizontal straightening machine