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Straightening machine features and scope
Nov 12, 2016

The good straightening machine, after straightening steel surfaces without scratches, straightness, and length does not twist, strength loss, simple operation, easy to adjust, simple blanking, production efficiency is high.

Straightening and bending machine, extend unit synthetic Stirrup production line, can play a greater role in building production.

The straight wire with a reasonable structure, easy to operate safe and reliable, suitable for bird cages, rabbit cage, construction netting, wire, Shule plug wire cut and shaped mesh with wire straightening.

The machine structures are made of high-speed rotor rotation adjustment the straight angle, achieve the effect of straightening and then Clack along wire wheel forward. After reaching the required size, wire 5 mm forward propulsion of the runway after the met tab and punch down the vertical strips above the knife immediately cut off wire through the vertical wire bearing knife clamp down on opening, it automatically gets off to hold wire frame, if you want to change the length, you move tab.