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Factors Affecting Life of Steel Pipe Cold Rolling Dies and How to Maintenance Cold Rolling Dies
Oct 29, 2017

1. The main factors affecting the life of cold-rolled steel mold are as follows:

  • Rolled steel pipe material and hardness;

  • Reduction of cross section of rolled material;

  • Materials of dies and heat treatment process;

  • Mold and shaft installation quality and dies amendment;

  • Steel rolling mill rolling speed;

  • Process lubrication and so on.

2. Steel pipe cold rolling dies the correct maintenance

  • During the rolling process, the rolling pipe and mold and mandrel are fully lubricated to reduce wear and reduce the forming force;

  • Check whether the mold in operation is in the normal state;

  • After the equipment stopping running, check whether the dies and mold is in good condition   or not.

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