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Hot Rolling Seamless Steel Pipe and Basic Production Procedure
Oct 20, 2017

 Hot rolling seamless steel pipe is adopted solid billet to pierce and roll into hollow pipe. Basic production procedure is as below:

  • Billet preparation, which include in billet storage, billet inspection, surface cleaning, billet cutting and billet centering.

  • Billet heating, the billet is heated in heating furnace to required piercing temperature.

  • Piercing, the solid billet is pierced into pierced billet. The outer and inner surface quality and wall thickness uniformity will affect quality of finished product directly.

  • Pipe rolling, it is also called elongating, which is used to thin wall thickness of pierced billet. It is the key to determine the quality, yield and technical economic indexes of the unit product.

  • Sizing and reducing, it is finish rolling process of hollow pipe and get finished size and precision.

  • Finishing, inspection, packing and warehousing.

seamless steel pipe manufacturing process_副本.jpg