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Cycle mill
Nov 12, 2016

Cycle mill with variable cross section circular-hole capillary section into, the implementation of periodic rolling of hot rolled pipe mill.

Two roller-cycle mill capillary on the rolling process. Periodic rolling mill roll Groove in the whole circumference changes from dark to light, that is, two roller hole type changed from large to small, enabling thin wall rolling and tube extension. Roll rotation of the week pass to complete a cycle. Capillary in a cycle into a feed (m) and reverse roll back, so the cycle to complete rolling extension. Rolling process as shown in Figure 1. I said rolling started before a feeder to pass into the capillary (together with the mandrel, sent to a feed m), while around the tube axis 90 ... II implement bite for Groove came into contact with capillary tube. Position III to reverse rolling into parts of the metal (m). Position IV for the last show rolling and grinding surface of the pipe, which bore-sizing section (ground area). Starting from bite to show rolling and grinding up to a rolling cycle, this cycle of capillary and the mandrel is moved backward, when you roll back to where I started when new rolling cycle, and so forth until the entire tube mill finish.