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Common faults and maintenance of continuous hot rolling mill
Nov 12, 2016

Due to mill work Shi environment bad, in work process in the, rolling cooling water encountered red burning of billet quickly atomization, clip with from billet surface off of iron oxide powder to around Jet, roll through bearing seat on machine frame arch caused larger of impact, makes mill machine frame arch inside window surface, and machine frame arch end of surface, are appeared different degree of corrosion wear, makes mill machine frame and roll bearing seat clearance to effective control management, often appeared mill machine frame and roll bearing seat clearance over management limit value phenomenon. Mill gap increased deterioration of the working conditions of main drive system of rolling mill, main drive vibration, shock, ingot bite when prone to slipping, affects the control of shape, great impact on product quality.

Most of the mill made of ordinary steel, in long service window surfaces are susceptible to corrosion and abrasion which causes deterioration of working conditions. On-line machining method is usually used to repair the arches, namely removing material by mechanical processing, surface damaged layer of clear arch leveling surface, expanding the size of compensation by increasing the thickness of the lining. This kind of repair operation is simple and convenient, but did not change the nature of the arch, Arch surface after use for some time and will corrode and wear and failure, and machined arches will be strength and stiffness have a negative impact. Taking into account the mill to the sensitivity of stiffness, not much margin available for processing, the fix is only an expedient measure. Shielded metal arc welding machine can be restored material removed to widen the size of, but a rigid structure on a large scale in electric arc welding may cause deformation of arch structure. If the structure distortion, buckling deformation that would be fatal, can no longer be correct, this is will not allow what happened in factories. So the fix will pose a larger risk, are generally not used.

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