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Cold rolling mill operation and purchasing methods
Nov 12, 2016

In the actual production, the proper operation of equipment not only can guarantee the smooth progress of work, and for equipment maintenance and service life are also important. So, how to operate a cold machine? In the purchase of should pay attention to what you do? Next, look at the answer to the question what is it!

A method, the correct use of cold rolling mill:

1, when cold-rolling operation, pay attention to two issues, one is the temperature, and the other is under pressure. These two factors if there is any error will make the deformation resistance of the device increases, so it is likely caused by cold rolling mill work roll diameter of roller pass broken.

2, when in operation, must prepare for all aspects of work to ensure correct, proceed. Otherwise it may cause operational problems or workpiece caused by emptiness inside into small rolls of cold rolling mill rollers and roller diameter contact breaks.

3 and finally, in order to prevent fatigue and fracture phenomena, must be taken to ensure roll wear evenly, so as to reduce the impact of uneven cooling rolls, because if uneven wear of roll for cold rolling mill rolls under the influence of uneven cooling, can result in defects and gradually expand local and eventually fatigue fracture.