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Cold-drawing machine
Nov 12, 2016

Cold-drawing machines according to the bed structure, can be roughly divided into three separate, both frameworks. According to the driving pattern, can be divided into chains, hydraulic, rack, screw type, such as various types of drawing machine.

With in the 1990 of the 20th century, China began research, and application cold pulled pipe technology yilai, cold pulled pipe technology has widely reference Yu monomer hydraulic cylinder tube and the engineering mechanical oil cylinder of manufacturing, cold pulled machine as cold pulled pipe of main processing equipment, it is for at room temperature Xia pulled business black and the nonferrous metals Rod material material and on hot, and extrusion zhihou of shortage tube for two times processing, is production small, precision, thin-walled, high mechanical performance pipe of main processing equipment.

Drawing principles

Drawing cars is supported by two I ' guides, driven by the main oil cylinder, along I-shaped rails running. Master cylinder and pull the car through the adjustable fractional piston axially with the car body.

Drawing of steel pipe, first of all in the core rod into the bore of the pipe, and then fitted with plug, then put on core steel front launched the draft. Start tightening cylinder, die grip the pole, drawing cars at the starting position, master cylinder starting start drawing. End of the drawing at the same time, tightening the cylinder movement, die release the steel fork head to body promoted after drawing of the finished pipe slider in the opposite direction at the same time, rapid exit pipe plugs for the smooth material.

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