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Some Requirements For Normal Production For Mill
Nov 12, 2016

In order to ensure that the mill can produce qualified products before we can officially use the mill, related information and conditions should be inspected, then what are the conditions?

First should specific of conditions is equipment of related Assembly, on mill each parts of connection at for check, main is check tight solid whether appeared loose, component in action Shang is flexible, have exists any card resistance of phenomenon, security of limited bit device in function Shang whether reliable,, and for grid of requirements also compared strictly, so power wants to into cable Shang should selection three-phase four line business.

Second is mill whole using of environment, in related of requirements Shang also to standard, best is can will mill installation Yu indoor, and guarantee its has more good of grounding; and for environment of temperature, and humidity, are has must of requirements; whole job of around not can exists any corrosion of gas, or is contains explosive of gas, ensure mill work of security performance. So you can see that we ensure the safety and smooth production mill, to create greater efficiency.