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Direct wire installation and commissioning
Nov 12, 2016

The machine structures are made of high-speed rotor rotation adjustment the straight angle, achieve the effect of straightening and then Clack along wire wheel forward. After reaching the required size, wire 5 mm forward propulsion of the runway after the met tab and punch down the vertical strips above the knife immediately cut off wire through the vertical wire bearing knife clamp down on opening, it automatically gets off to hold wire frame, if you want to change the length, you move tab. First of all place the body in a flat on the ground, and runway on the bracket screws to install the body. Again put runway Rod installation in go line round Shang, with m from knife head began volume need of size, then put positioning key fixed good, again will motor switch received Shang power (received power of when, to received gate middle that line most above of three a screws, then slowly of with hand turned adjustable straight tube put silk sent into pressure silk round yihou again open power) move switch handles, if its silk round of rotating direction not on change motor into line joint. Good all rotating parts add oil and butter. To put the hood down before you start, check the electrical connections for leakage. Straightening machine to connect the ground wire on the body. 2-3 minutes idling, then put into the rotor, with its wire wheels press the wire down, penetrating into the cutting wire cutter hole. Adjusting the speed adjusting the angle of the rotor size, achieve the effect of straight after work.