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Aplication of Peeler Machine in Industry
Feb 09, 2018

Peeler also called centerless lathe and striping machine, it is used to peeling metal round shaft, rod, bar, coiled wire and pipe. Combined with two roll straightening machine, the finished products have high straightness and bright surface. The peeler machine has advantages as below:

 1. During peeling, the workpiece needn’t acid cleaning, and there isn’t environment pollution;

 2. The finished workpiece won’t crack and internal injury, and the traditional drawing cannot avoid the surface and internal cracks;

     3. Peeler has high efficiency, can significantly reduce costs and increase profits. Peeler's work efficiency is very high, a minute can be processed 1-10 meters of bar and rod, just need one worker to operate the peeler machine and straightening machine;

    4. Peeler has unique advantage to machine long rods including unlimited long coil wire. It is one time clamping and adjusting tool which guarantee concentricity and circular degree of processing rods.

    5. The peeler machine can used to handle stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel, structure steel, alloy steel, free cutting steel, non-tempered steel, valve steel, gear steel, titanium alloy steel, magnesium alloy steel, aluminum alloy steel, copper alloy steel etc. It is widely used in fields of machine manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, electrotechnical instrument, bearing & spring manufacturing, hydraulic pneumatic instrument, light industrial machinery, steel pipe, tool, petroleum, electric power, bridge, engineering machinery etc.


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